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A transient state approach of psychopathology and support. Based on “Seven Eyes”

A transient state approach of psychopathology and support.

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Wednesday, 23rd  09:00-10:30

Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00

A transient state approach of psychopathology and support. Based on “Seven Eyes”, a new practical, integral stage model for the development of consciousness

“Seven Eyes” is a tool that clarifies psychological processes underlying disruptive emotional and mental states. Depression, fear, compulsion, confusion, etc., are explained as temporary symptoms of a transitional state in the development of consciousness. In this transitional state the habitual coping is questioned more and more and the next state of consciousness with its coping possibilities is not fully available yet. In this condition we see often old primitive patterns coming in again with eg aggression and dependency or we see an escape to the future with mental and spiritual bypasses. These appear in the form of convictions of which we could become very dependent on because of their function. With the support of the structure of Seven Eyes it is possible to identify, together with the client, the past and present state of consciousness, to agree on the state preluding already and wished for, and to choose the right approach for support.

About Jerry Beusen

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, born 1948, founded two high schools, worked in hospitals and retired from working in a private clinic. Developed a new approach for personal and spiritual development named “Seven Eyes” that is based on the old chakra system and has elements of the integral approach of Ken Wilber as well as that of Sri Aurobindo.
Poster presentation in the first Congress in Budapest resulted in an invitation to come to Auroville where I am living now.

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