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The Subtle Art of Practice Design

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The Subtle Art of Practice Design

Once you grasp the significance of the Integral Framework it is inevitable that you start to see the world through a developmental lens. This leads most to engaging in some kind of Integral Life Practice (ILP) or series of inter-related practices that develop capacities in key areas. There are plenty of ‘off the shelf’ practices that will support your development, but how you know what’s truly needed? And how would you go about designing your own Integral informed bespoke practices that can stretch your own edges of development in the most impactful way?

In this workshop, Chris will guide you through the Subtle Art of Practice design from an ICC perspective. You will learn how to identify what you most need to develop and how to design practices crafted for your unique needs in 3 very important lines of development, Somatic, Emotional and Spiritual. You will leave with your very own ILP and gain glimpses into your own AQAL Constellation™ which will guide your future development.

About Chris Alder

Chris Alder is passionately dedicated to all forms of human growth and development, personal, professional and spiritual. He graduated as an Integral Master Coach™ with Integral Coaching Canada (ICC) in 2011 and went on to join the faculty in 2015. He is also an Integral Zen Priest, executive coach, leadership facilitator/trainer and dedicated father to his 2-year-old girl. His presentation style has been described as enthusiastic, engaging and thought-provoking

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