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Integral Principles in Practice in Engineering

Practical application of complexity theory in engineering.

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Marabella I.
Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00

Play Room
Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00

Integral Principles in Practice in Engineering

At this conference I do not need to explain the benefits of integral theory and self-organisation. Yet in the company I work for as an engineer, most are unaware of these principles. In the past, for many years, I have tried to explain first, but found this approach to be counterproductive, I cannot convey an experience by talking about it. Therefore I have developed another approach. I apply Spiral Dynamics, Open Participatory Organisation, AQAL, Cynefin and more models, but only explain in terms of the immediate situation at hand. I might say: the values for this manager seems to be oriented towards traditional values (blue vMeme) so I will word my information in a logical way, referring to previous hierarchical decisions. Or I might pick up a weak signal in a complex situation and only then explain that I am using the Cynefin model to make sense of what is happening and how we should proceed. I notice that people then pick up on the field and start acting in similar ways.

About Collin Bootsveld

In order for mankind to survive and thrive on our beautiful planet we will need to make drastic steps. There is no lack of available solutions, but implementation is slow, due to oversimplification and not reckognizing actual complexity.
In my work I bring those type of solutions to where they are needed. This may still require engineering and research but then allowing for the complexity/depth of the situation at hand and listening also to the signals from the periphery of the system.

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