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Let’s have better conversations and enter the co-creation space!

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Tuesday, 22nd May

Project: Let’s have better conversations and enter the co-creation space!

9/10 conversations miss the mark. Human interactions are complex and neuroscience gives us new insights and keys to enable conversations that matters, have impact and make us feel better and deeply connected. We will talk and experiment neuroscience’ based Conversational Intelligence®, based on the work of the amazing Judith E. Glaser. How our brain works, what happens when we get triggered by fear, How to identify and improve our interaction dynamics in teams are some of the questions we will address.
Achieving greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversation. By grafting Conversational Intelligence® rituals into your interaction dynamics, you will discover new doors opening up in your mind and in your reality.

About Christian Delez:

Christian Délez is a signatory of the Manifesto for Greatness and co-founder of the Greatness Guild. He works as an agile project leader, coach and facilitator at RUAG Defense. Christian hacks the culture and introduces new ways of behaving in projects and teams. Christian is a co-founder of the Swiss Association for Responsive Organizations which works on the future of work and on Teal Camp. Christian also volunteer in Happy Melly where members help people love their jobs.


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