SEUHS-SCHOELLER, Christiane (Germany)

Title of contribution:

Purpose Agents as Allies of Evolution                                  

Allies of Evolution: How to Work, Earn and Live for Purpose

Where & when:

Marabella I.
Thursday, 24th 17:30-18:00

Toscana (Main)
Wednesday, 23rd 16:00-17:30

Purpose Agents as Allies of Evolution: How to Work, Earn, and Live For Purpose

One important marker of evolution is directionality: it is going somewhere. It seems to follow some deeper purpose. Evolution pulls the New World of Work towards expressing the principles of purpose, autonomy, dynamism, holarchy, and transparency.

Organizations are the most powerful entities on the planet. These days we are called to transcend the focus on the profit vs non-profit distinction and rather ask, whether an organization follows a true, evolutionary purpose or rather a counterfeit ‘purpose’ of moneymaking: is it a ‘for-purpose’ or ‘not-for-purpose’ organization? The For-Purpose Enterprise is an example of how to radically reinvent and structure the work, the legal agreements and the people side of the street – for Purpose, for evolution.

Sensing into and expressing evolutionary purpose requires a new type of worker. We call it the “Purpose Agent”. By working, earning and living for purpose within these new structures Purpose Agents become true Allies of Evolution.

About Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Always driven by pioneering the new, Christiane has been an entrepreneur for almost 30 years and an international Business Consultant for two decades. She is among the first people who deeply engaged to bring Holacracy to Europe. Learning from the experience of what it means to make such a fundamental shift, both for organizations and for people, Christiane today is a partner at, working towards what is needed next: the For-Purpose Enterprise.

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