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Australia and America: A Unique Experiment in Applied Integral Theory

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Friday, 25th May

Project: Australia and America: A Unique Experiment in Applied Integral Theory

Nation states do not necessarily provide good material for case studies of comparative development.
Aus and USA have enough similarities (distance to mother country, ethnicity, relative youth, “undiscovered and uninhabited” continents, language, culture) to create an interesting case study for comparison of their respective stages of evolution. There are enough disparities to make the comparison compelling (climate/geography and flora/fauna, that crucial 100 year difference in founding date, Puritan founders vs convicts and military).
Just as explicating the Trump phenomenon without an Integral perspective often leaves a feeling of faded explanations and tired punditry, an Integral perspective enlivens and sharpens the comparison of USA and Aus. Plodding through political, social, historical, geographical data without the added richness of AQAL + Spiral Dynamics quickly feels outdated. Integral mapping creates a vivid story of 2 short histories and 2 fascinating futures.

About Christine Doan:

Nothing except a life-long dedication to looking around the corner to the future and an insatiable curiosity about exteriors and interiors explains why this presenter would be so fascinated by Integral Metatheory to eventually apply it to a comparison of her country of origin and her country of choice—-and to so much more.
Decades of devotion to equestrianism, including a berth at the Barcelona Olympics, failed to satisfy the Integral itch. Once unhorsed, Integral took the forefront.


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