COOKE, Christopher  (United Kingdom)

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An integral critique for self and client contexts

Impressions of nature from a holistic stance

The Pull of Communion                                     

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Ibiza I.
Thursday, 24th 12:00-14:00

Thursday, 24th 15:30-18:00

Marabella I.
Friday, 25th 11:30-13:30

An integral critique for self and client contexts

Integral practice requires an integral stance of the practitioner. Stance matters above all else. This session offers insights into an Integral Critique which provides a challenge to the practitioner and client alike to ensure that the solutions they develop are designed from, as best we know how, an integral stance. The Integral Critique is a psycho-active approach that prepares the mind to ‘navigate-complexity’ with volition, grace and ease.
The audience will consider an issue of their choice and step by step explore their issue through the lens of the Integral Critique.
Integral Critique will be explained as part of an overall Human Emergence Framework (Cooke and Cooke 2017) which provides a valuable stimulus for integral practise at all scales from the individual to human species. The session will equip participants to discern holistically informed approaches.

Impressions of nature from an holistic stance

The emergence of 2nd Tier awareness can be tracked through the pioneering work of seed minds who successfully navigated their way to an emergent TEAL awareness. They left in their wake a trail of psycho-active frameworks and methods that may stimulate over time, as a precessional effect, the emergence of the user, and in some cases a fuller transition to a 2nd Tier awareness.

This session meshes the discoveries of the following seed minds Clare W Graves (1978), Allan Savory (2016), and Jan Smuts (1926) into an experience that for many participants changes how they perceive and think of the land beneath their feet.

Using text and image based representations of the four-ecosystem processes (Savory) as windows into the holistic dynamics of The Whole, participants will learn to observe, experience, and gain a profound impression of these primary processes.

The session will close with a deep reflection of the experience and an exploration of the implications for the TEAL organisation.

The Pull of Communion

It’s time to choose what we want! It’s time engage both planetary and species viability. It’s time to choose to grow into the 2nd Tier shift in human awareness that has become latent and awaits legitimacy and utilisation. Stepping through this membrane like transition with a singularity-energised critical mass or movement is, I suggest, the primary function of our work together.

This interactive presentation builds, through each participant, a collective impression of acting with sincere volition, through a growing awareness of the primary patterns of all life.

We start with Universe seeking the recursive patterns, then explore from the soil to the stomach to the soul the impact on how we think and organise.

We will create more questions than answers as we witness certain hope in an uncertain world and realise the scale of the change that is in motion.

This is a practice.

Be prepared to be surprised!

About Christopher Cooke

Christopher is curious about what is possible through the intentional utilisation of an integral / holistic awareness to engage the root causes of ‘wicked problems’.

He brings over 30 years experience in the development, and international application, of Integral Theory and Practise.
He offers and seeks the development of frameworks that inform practices that are aligned with the underlying primary patterns that influence the emergence of all life.

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