GOLIN, Cindy Lou (United States)

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Integral Facilitator(R): Presence, Energy, and Perspective Part I

Integral Facilitator(R): Presence, Energy, and Perspective Part II

Workshop for Presenters: Self as Instrument

Shadow Play                                                                    

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Ibiza II.
Tuesday, 22nd 09:00-12:00

Ibiza II.
Tuesday, 22nd 14:00-17:00

Ibiza II.
Wednesday, 23rd 09:00-10:30

Ibiza II.
Thursday, 24th 16:45-18:00

Integral Facilitator(R): Presence, Energy, and Perspective

This facilitation workshop practically applies integral principles to the art of facilitating.

Ideal for conference presenters, trainers, and group facilitators, this workshop focuses on the facilitator (rather than the methods) and explores new approaches to enhancing your experience at the front of the room.

As an Integral Facilitator, work with the here and now, take more perspectives, and embrace more of your experience, including dissonance, challenge, and shadow.

Access more choices in the moment and more capacity to address the full complexity of what is happening — in the energetics of the room, in the emotional domains of the interpersonal, in the realms of power and influence, in decision-making and conflict.

Workshop for Presenters: Self as Instrument

Want to hone your presentation or facilitation skills before your session? Whether you are new to presenting or have lots of experience, take your expression to the next level. Ten Directions Integral Facilitator faculty team offers simple tools, techniques, tips and perspectives to support you in showing up more fully from the front of the room. Recognize what gets in the way and receive Integral Facilitator coaching to support you in relaxing into more of who you are. Subtle perspective shifts can support you in being even more available to the moment. We’ll work with what’s present for you and engage issue live in the room.

Shadow Play

Shadow practice is often referred to as shadow “work,” but what if it was “play?” Learn to enjoy and delight in what you’ve kept in the dark. Hidden shadow aspects can be an ally in your evolution. There is wisdom in what , in what upsets you and also in what lights you up. By engaging in regular shadow play you can leverage triggers for accelerated development, greater external success, and enhanced quality of life. Whether its dark or bright shadow, you can trust the evolutionary wisdom of your shadow. As a multi-dimensional being, you have an opportunity to show up even more fully and be even more of who you are, evolution is calling us.

At this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity engage in creative shadow play, in service to insight and upliftment and being more you. There will be an opportunity to translate your shadow awareness into a meaningful outer action. The processes we will engage can be implemented into your regular integral practice.

About Cindy Lou Golin

Dr. Cindy Lou Golin, life coach and workshop facilitator, has over 15 years experience in the field of personal growth. She utilizes a playful, light-hearted, yet powerful and practical approach. With a PhD in Clinical Psychology and an MA in Spiritual Psychology, she served as faculty at Integral-Institute, JFK University (Integral Life Practice and Shadow) and is on faculty at Ten Directions (Integral Facilitator Program). She collaborated on development of I-I’s seminar series and ILP Kit.

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