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Second Tier Leadership – a practice guide for passionate, integral leadership

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Thursday, 24th May

Project: Second Tier Leadership – a practice guide for passionate, integral leadership

How do we lead in the midst of the complexity of our world? Are we bold enough to stand up for our values and lead with passion and compassion towards a better future, for ourselves, our children and the world? How do we lead by honoring each other’s needs, opinions, wisdom and shadows without giving up on our values? How do we hold a pluralistic worldview that doesn’t end up flattening everything out? How do we lead with an increasing ability to create the circumstances that allow change and development in people, teams, organisations and ourselves to happen? How do we lead by honoring reality and each other’s perspective without losing sight of the potential for a higher synthesis? “Second Tier Leadership” is a practice framework supporting these aspirations in all four quadrants. It enables us to become better leaders for a better world.

About Daniela Bomatter:

Daniela Bomatter is a speaker and consultant for “Second Tier Leadership”, a framework she has developed for business leaders that is based on her own experience as a Leader and CEO in US and Swiss companies. Her inner journey as a student of Andrew Cohen’s and her studies of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics over the last 12 years enable her to convey a leadership style that encourages growth, authenticity, creativity, transformation and trust.

Website: https://www.secondtierleadership.ch/language/en/

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