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Holacracy Implementation Case Study

Where & when:

Marabella I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: Holacracy Governance Simulation

Self-organization sounds great in theory, but can be challenging to implement in practice. Holacracy offers clear rules and structured meetings to define together which role should hold what authority and which role can be counted on to do what. The sophisticated governance meeting process lowers the bar for people to throw in proposals, scrutinizes and integrates objections and arrives at balanced and safe decisions that move the organization closer to its purpose.

Take the chance to experience a live simulation of a governance meeting with an experienced Holacracy Coach. In the roleplay, you can bring up your tension, formulate a proposal to solve it and let the process work its wonders. It’s magic. After the simulation, you can debrief your experience with Q&A in the group.

About Dennis Wittrock:

Dennis Wittrock, M.A. (philosophy), certified Holacracy® Coach, partner at, founder of Integral Europe, director of the Integral European Conference 2014 and 2016, served 5 years as CEO and board member of Integrales Forum and the Integral Academy in Germany. His purpose is to create spaces for the emergence of integral consciousness.


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