Title of contribution:

How to use our brain effectively

Where & when:

Ibiza I.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: Holacracy and Sociocracy, both create environments that are conducive to evolution. – Users share their experiences, inquire and learn with each other.

After practicing Holacracy for more than 6 years, and also working with Sociocracy for the last two years, to us, it is highly evident that these operating systems create environments conducive to evolution.

As all three “Teal” breakthroughs – Wholeness, Evolutionary Purpose, and Self-Management – are anchored in and shaped by practice, we want to create a we-space in which our collective intelligence supports us in learning together.

In this conversation, we inquire our experiences with the principles and structures such as:
– The “Tension” Principle
– Dynamic Governance
– Consent instead of Consensus
– Organizing in Circles
– Circle communication
– Integrative Decision-Making
– Integrative Election
– Different types of meetings
– Useful software
– Creating safe space

We are looking forward to you contributing!

About Dorothee Bornath:

Appreciator, Holacracy and Sociocracy Practitioner, Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, Trainer and Facilitator of large group interventions in organizations and for public participation. Co-founder of Die Wertschätzer (The Appreciators). Current holocratic roles: Organisation Evolution, Content Management Website.
Continuously searching for structures supporting evolutionary development.
Currently a modern nomad.


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