NELSON, Doshin Michael (United States)

Title of contribution:

Laughing out ourselves from the higher stages

Integral Zen: Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing Up

Where & when:

Toscana (Main)
Thursday, 24th 09:50-11:00

Toscana (Main)
Friday, 25th 09:30-10:30

Integral Zen: Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Showing

This Keynote will focus on the Big Three S’s of Integral: States, Structures and Shadows. We will begin with Waking Up. Do you prefer to think of Waking Up as a process of becoming more or becoming less? In a playful way, Doshin will explore Integral Awakening from both perspectives: the perspective of becoming more spiritual and the perspective of becoming less selfish. Now, how about Growing Up? Even if someone is both completely awake and selfless, what does that looks like at different altitudes of structural development? What happens if a traditional realized teacher from the East comes to the West? Or if postmodern Western students go study with an Easter teacher in a traditional community? And, how about Cleaning Up. Roger Walsh says clearly that everyone has shadows. That includes all students and all teachers. The Transference and Counter Transference between students and teachers is a rich ground for Awakening, evolving, cleaning up our disowned subpersonalities and healing our dysfunctions. What exactly does Ken Wilber mean when he says: “Shadows are addictions and allergies in states and structures, and what drives them?” Does that apply to both individuals and collectives? Come explore what kind of Integral practices have proven to be helpful in the Laboratory of Integral Zen? Come listen to Doshin describe what it actually means to “Put your Integral Zen on.”

About Doshin Michael Nelson

Doshin is an Integral Zen master of no rank. He fully embraces the Integral framework and the exquisite processes of Mondo Zen™ and Integrating Zen™ in his teaching. Utilizing his passion for Jung, Wilber and Zen, Doshin uses contemporary Integral Koans, to work with individual and collective shadows, trauma, and attachment issues from the groundless ground of timeless wisdom and selfless compassion. Doshin Roshi received Inka, Dharma Transmission, from JunPo Roshi in 2011.

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