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Integral Church

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Saturday, 26th May

Project: Integral Church

Integral Church is an interspiritual and interfaith community. It is our mission to deepen personal transformative practice, engage in community service and promote religious literacy.

We embrace both wisdom and knowledge by including the beauty, goodness and truth found in the world’s myths, creation stories and faith traditions as well as scientific findings from psychology, biology and cosmology.

We want to bring religion into the 21st century by replacing hierarchy with holarchy and practicing religion in a post-modern setting.

We are reclaiming previously stigmatized words like “church” and “religion” for those raised on pluralistic beliefs, multiculturalism and universal values.

We express the three faces of Spirit-in-Action (“I,” “we” and “it”) as we embody these values in our selves, express them throughout our culture and honor them in nature.

About Erzsébet Vizinger:

Erzsébet Vizinger is an integral counselor and specialist in crisis counseling.


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