Title of contribution:

How Using Archetypes May Transform and Empower Each of Us (Acad)

Where & when:

Ibiza I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: How using Archetypes may transform and empower each of us, the Change Management & other fields to efficiently deal with the Sustainability and Human Development Tensions & Challenges of 21st century

Archetypes are extremely well adapted to deal with complexity, with nowadays chaotic challenges/tensions. They offer a complement to the current Integral theory by bringing in an “energetic/dynamic” dimension. They can be used to understand and consciously modify the stories we tell ourselves & that shape our individual and collective lives & all our interactions. By giving us this reflective capacity, evolution now seems to push us to the driver’s seat, to conscious evolution. Either we ignore this new power and remain stuck in Plato’s cave, powered over by our “old archetypal gods”, our survival instincts, which slowly but surely entrains us to an inevitable downward death spiral, or, we consciously choose to continue evolving towards ‘the most beautiful life we can dream of’. The model I developed, and which needs to be tested, shows how this could be done and might impact Change Mngmt, Human Dev., interpersonal interactions & organizations, & then our common future on this planet.

About Estelle Bessac:

15 y. of experience in Corp. Social Resp., Soc. Resp. Investment, analyzing data & managing projects for including sustainability in international organizations’, multinationals’, states’ and local authorities’ development strategy.
Development as a global “explorer, integrator, medium, change facilitator”, helping a diverse range of stakeholders working on themselves and together, more harmoniously (via Source, Flow and Emergence), to co-create innovations for sustainability & development.

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