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Depression – a integral perspective (Acad)

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Thursday, 24th May

Project: Depression – a integral perspective

In working with depressed people, I notice that there are different kinds of depression. Depression 1: The depression is triggered mostly by physiological reasons: brain damage, longterm alcohol abuse and so on.These people react very well to a medical treatment. Depression 2: The Depression is caused by a internal psychological and emotional struggle. The Shadow takes the most influence here. Therefore Psychotherapy and working with the Shadow are the most important here to bring up unconscious emotions and parts of the psyche of which the person is not aware of. Depression 3: The Depression is actually a time of transformation like “the Dark Nigh of the Soul”. Every attempt to get out of this state will make it worse. The only thing to do here is to meditate,to strengthen the observer and in the best case to realize, that there is a part in every human being that is undying, endless, unchanging and identify with it.

About Fabienne Kuhn:

Shortly after receiving my Master degree in Psychology, I got in touch with integral and went through a rigorous practice myself. I went through a intense transformation during this time.My study got less and less important and I decided to build up my own little Cafe House in 2014. After working hard for this for 2 years it started to get easier and I decided to pick up Psychology again. Last year I started working for a psychiatric homecare , where I work mostly with depressed people.

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