Title of contribution:

The devil is in the LR: Integral analysis of complex organizational learning (Acad)

Where & when:

Marabella II.

Thursday, 24th May

Project: The devil is in the LR: Integral analysis of complex organizational learning

This presentation is based on a Design Based Research study of organizational learning (Bres, 2015), and on a subsequent Integral Analysis of how and why organizational learning did, and did not, occur in the study. Integral Theory is applied to deepen the understanding of how human organizations learn and adapt as complex adaptive systems made up of nested, operationally closed groups and individuals. The level of development and learning potential of an organization, as holon, can be understood as an emergent property resulting from the coordination of function and action of the unities that make up the system, even given that the levels of development and learning potentials of the groups and individuals in an organization are not homogenous. Applying Vygotsky’s concept of Zones of Proximal Development, a transdisciplinary approach is proposed as a tool for supporting organizational development and learning in established organizations looking to develop towards teal.

About Faye Bres:

Faye Bres, PhD, completed her doctoral dissertation in 2015 at the Werklund School of Education at The University of Calgary, Canada. She has a multidisciplinary background with additional degrees in Science (Geology) and Environmental Design. Her research interest is in Organizational Development and Learning, applying Complex Adaptive Systems theory and Integral Theory to understand how human social organizations adapt to, and evolve with, changing environmental conditions.

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