Title of contribution:

Paradigm shift in clinical psychology

Where & when:

Toscana II.

Sunday, 27th May

Project: Paradigm shift in clinical psychology

In this interactive lecture I will share my experiences about how can a psychologist work with transpersonal approach. What are the 3 phases of psychological work in my view? I. Psychodiagnostics II. Peak-experience that fits to the client III. Integrating the experiences. I will show this process through a case study.
Other therapists’ comments and questions are especially welcome that let us think together in order to integrate the transpersonal approach to clinical psychology.

About Gellért Raffai:

2008-2011 BA in Psychology (Behaviour analyst), 2011-2013 MSc in Health Psychology; 2013-2016 Ph.D. in Health Sciences (in progress), 2016- Clinical Psychologist training
Practicing psychologist who experienced transpersonal techniques (yoga, vipassana meditation, holotropic breathwork…) and uses transpersonal approaches in the daily work (mindfulness, visualization…).

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