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True Democracy & Non-material growth as a goal.

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Play Room

Sunday, 27th May

Project: Two new orientations for the West: 1 True Democracy; 2 Non-material growth as a goal.

Today too much political power is concentrated in the hands of the very rich (wealth over 50 Mio $). The West (the World later on) needs a new development vision. It could start with a “Double Initiative” to change the Swiss Constitution through decision of all citizens. INI. 1. For true Democracy. Could be achieved, if the capital and its power is shared among all citizens, leaving 10 Mio Euro wealth to rich families. All adults become owners, i.e. economically responsable, full citizens. (Similar: end of Middle Age: sharing ground ownership). INI 2. Non-material growth as a central goal of development of society. Material wealth and well-being are high enough, ecology needs limits in consumption. Material wealth has to be shared among all, can be kept high, without growing. The growth of non-material areas (emotional, intellectual, creative, psycho-spiritual) will add more life-satisfaction than more material consumption.

About Gil Ducommun:

Studies: Agronomy & Politics (SFIT, 1985-71)/ 1972-1991: Different occupations in Developement Cooperation, Gov. and NGO/ From 1992-2008: Prof. for Development Policy and Agric. Econ., Head Dept. Intern. Agric. (HAFL, Univ. of Applied Sc. Bern)/ 1985: Initiator Beaulieu-Group and 1990: European BEAULIEU-Movt./ 1996: Initiator of HOLON, european Network/ 2005: book “Nach dem Kapitalismus” and Initiator Integrale Politik CH/ 2015 book: Die Aushöhlung der Demokratie/ Married 1967-2007, two children


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