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Turn your anger into strength! – Anger Workshop

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Friday, 25th May

Project: Turn your anger into Strength!

Practice how to turn your anger into powerful Strength that lays deeply within you. Sometimes you feel unmotivated, overwhelmed, and occasionally doesn’t have the power to change something in your life? In these cases, you are not able to connect with your inner Power. Perhaps it is your anger, that prevents your inner Power to come into motion. Because keeping your anger suppressed, requires energy from you. That energy would be necessary to connect with your inner Power, and to convert it into Strength. This workshop is unique in a way, that we connect directly to our anger, bringing this emotion into surface. We work on it with exercises, until it turns into a liberating feeling, and then it can give us Strength. We create deep connection between participants, using some verbal and nonverbal elements like movements, shouting, dance, energizing music and shamanic drums. This workshop is for you, if you wish to feel more energized and have the courage to work deeply with your anger.

About Gyöngyi Thamo-Bolbas:

I am a mentor to follow and guide you on your own personal development path. As a former athlete, experienced psychodrama and bodywork groups’ participant, my specialization is to work with anger, and how to turn it into Strength. I have lived in several countries, and gained experience about how diverse cultures manage these emotions. I am an instructor of yoga, vipassana meditation practitioner, have a degree in economics, and completed my psychological studies at the Integral Academy.


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