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Conscious Life – Peaceful Death

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Saturday, 26th May

Conscious Life – Peaceful Death

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, birth, old age, sickness and death are considered to be the main sufferings of human beings. The causes of suffering are the inner mind poisons: clinging, aversion and delusion. One method counteracting this is the meditation on impermanence, which leads to an understanding of emptiness. The Buddhist teachings also give precise information on the gross and subtle dissolution of the body during the dying process and the interval (bardo) between death and the next incarnation. All this can be very helpful in preparation for one’s own death, to have greater appreciation of this precious human life and in helping others.

Looking after olld, sick and dying people can be a great practice to develop compassion and overcome the fear of death. I have accompanied quite a few people on this mysterious journey, including both my parents. Now I am not a child any more, nor a mother – but of an age to be a grandmother to those who need one.
While I was looking after my parents, the idea of creating humane living conditions for humans has been growing in me. I would like to explore with you how we can restore the ability to live in a way that is appropriate for all generations and deal with sickness, nursing, dying in a natural way.

About Hanna Hündorf:

Born 1960, my search for an alternative life lead to Samye Ling Tibetan centre in Scotland aged 21, stayed 15 years, completed a 3-year retreat, then worked in TTC Buddhist centre in Hamburg and began reading Ken Wilber. After a second 3-year retreat spent 11 years looking after my mother, while working in different jobs, continuing to teach dharma and getting involved in the German Integral movement. Have been part of IEC content team since the beginning in 2014.

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