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Teal in Health: Wellbeing Teams and Wholeness

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Marabella I.

Friday, 25th May

Project: Teal in health: Wellbeing Teams and Wholeness

Helen will explore her what her team has tried and learned as they developed Wellbeing Teams. The session will cover
1) How Wellbeing Teams are inspired by Buurtzorg and have adapted to reflect the UK context, and lessons from the first 4 ‘test and learn teams’. This will include why they have two types of coaches, Team coaches and Practice coaches, and how they addressed how they meet the national regulator (the Care Quality Commission) requirements for managers and hierarchy.
2) How they built wholeness, purpose and reflect their values in how they recruit and supoprt team members. This will include sharing video, the ‘journey’ and inviting people to participate in an example of the exercises used in the recruitment workshop.
3) Introduce specific processes to reflect wholeness, for example one-page profiles, individual histories, appreciation books, and person-centred team plans. This includes an exercise for people to experience developing a one-page profile for themselves.

About Helen Sanderson:

Helen is founder of the social enterprise, Helen Sanderson Associates, a consultancy team working internationally to embed person-centred practices in the heart of organisations and communities. In 2015 they moved towards teal. Inspired by Buurtzorg, Helen then founded Wellbeing Teams in 2016. They are self-managed neighbourhood teams supporting older and disabled people to live well at home and be part of their communities..

Website: http://www.wellbeingteams.org

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