GOLIN, Cindy Lou


Title of contribution:

Shadow Play: Life as Practice

Self as Instrument: A Workshop for Presenters

Where & when:

Marbella II. (Shadow).
Thursday, May 28th, 15:30 – 16:45

Ibiza II.
Wednesday, May 27th, 10:30 – 12:00

Workshop: Shadow Play: Life as Practice

Shadow practice is often referred to as shadow “work,” but what if it was “play?” This workshop offers some new and way fun ways to shine light on those hidden shadow aspects and play with the magic life is offering us. We can enjoy and delight in what we’ve kept in the dark.

We will practice playing with what’s present and leveraging it for maximum developmental value. Whether it’s a frustration, upset, aspiration, the weather, a dream, or a song stuck in your head… It’s all good grist for the shadow mill.
Many of us engage an Integral life practice, but let’s also look at what’s practicing us. What is wanting to emerge as us? What is the message the Universe wants us to receive?

At this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity engage a variety of playful modalities in service to insight and ‘a ha’s, along with an opportunity to translate your shadow awareness into outer action, to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Workshop: Self as Instrument: A Workshop for Presenters

If you’re presenting this week (or anytime) and want to clear anything getting in the way of showing up more freely, come to this workshop and leave it behind.

Many people have fear about stepping up, sharing their work, presenting, or speaking in public. Whether you have lots of experience at the front of the room or you are new to this, you might have something holding you back from your next level. It might be a limiting belief, an underlying fear, an unconscious memory, anxiety, or other shadow element that gets in the way of you showing up more fully as a presenter/facilitator. Let’s engage shadow play and release what inhibits us from being even more available to the moment.

You’ll have an opportunity to work with what is personally relevant to you. We’ll use practical, simple techniques to support you in letting go of what’s in your way. We’ll also play with subtle perspective shifts, to more consciously chose from where in you you are facilitating from.

We will leverage the energy of our collective (see and unseen) to get free of what holds us back and celebrate what we have to offer, individually and collectively.

You are an instrument. More optimally tuning the instrument of you can support you in playing even more beautiful music, enjoying the process, and being more fully present to more freely dance in the moment.

About Dr. Cindy Lou Golin:

Dr. Cindy Lou Golin, life coach, leadership coach and workshop facilitator, has over 15 years experience in the field of personal growth. She utilizes a playful, light-hearted, yet powerful and practical approach. With an expertise in Shadow Play, she’s created a guide with over 100 shadow practices. She has doctorates in Clinical Psychology and Spiritual Science. She served as faculty at Integral-Institute, JFK University (ILP, Shadow) and is on faculty at Ten Directions (Integral Facilitator).

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