CARDOSO, Marcelo


Title of contribution:

Meta Management Model: a map to integral business

Where & when:

Ibiza II.

Saturday, May 30th, 2020
16:45 – 18:00

Workshop: Meta Management Model: a map to integral business

We developed the Meta management Model, a map based on different levels of awareness found in an organizational system that aims to expand the mindsets of individuals that comprise it, promote greater maturity and confidence in the ties that promote relations between them in order to then transform the internal culture, giving it a more conscious, protagonist and responsible role in relation to its individual and collective results, considering their impacts on our society and environment. The Meta management Model proposes analyzing the intrinsic characteristics of each organization (AQAL), recognizing its history and the construction of its identity since its creation per the vision of its founders and, based on these idiosyncratic elements, promote prototypes for specific development and engagement plans and actions that update the psychological contract between people in the company and the organizational strategy itself.
Through this dynamic, we intend to shed light on aspects that may be acting invisibly inside systems and, with this new awareness, develop, with organizations and ourselves, an identity that acknowledges its deepest values and, at the same time, is sufficiently fluid to adapt and evolve in face of the different challenges that will undoubtedly be faced in its trajectory through reality.

About Marcelo Cardoso:

Marcelo Cardoso is working to support individuals and organizations to evolve.
Integrating his 25-year as a C-level executive in different industries, along with his deep commitment to various contexts of personal and collective transformation in different places around the world, Marcelo creates experiences where people feel supported and challenged to express their full potential.

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