ALLEN, Jordan

(United States)

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What is Surrender? Why is it relevant to the global integral awakening, and how do we “practice” it?

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Circling – What is Surrender? Why is it relevant to the global integral awakening, and how do we “practice” it?

Letting go, trusting in God, listening to the daemon, following your bliss, non-attachment, connecting with the evolutionary impulse expressing as you, resting in innocence…

If you’re attending an integral conference, you probably already know that “surrender” is at the heart of much of our world’s greatest wisdom teachings and mystical practices.

Ok, but how the hell do we “do” surrender? (Then again, how the hell do we pretend not to?) Especially now, with covid-19? (Then again, how’s now any different?)

This talk is an exploration of the living practice of surrender, drawing from tens of thousands of hours running experiments with thousands of people in the form of Surrendered Leadership Circling, as participants, leaders, and training instructors, facing our darkest shadowy demons, embracing our most radiant all-pervading empty-fullness state changes, asking questions like: What are we surrendering to? Who does the surrendering? Especially recognizing how we’re all one? How do we ‘teach’ surrender? How do we “surrender” to 5th order interconnectivity without tripping into 3rd order codependency? How do hold the paradox of surrendering and leading? What about when surrender is used to justify green-flatland relativity and the oppression of the “my truth” is unassailable claim? Where are the limits of my responsibility and that of others? What about when I’m the CEO of a company, or leader of a group, or head of a household? What about when I’m just a follower?

This exploration asks us to give up everything we think we know, and come with a willingness to be nakedly with the truth (in all four quadrants).

About Allen Jordan:

CEO of Circling Europe, author of A Beautiful Apocalypse. Jordan’s gift is in bringing the wisdom of Surrendered Leadership to the world—in the Austin Circling Studio and, in AI research teams and CEO networks, etc. You will see a constant willingness to trust life more elegantly, to be in reverence to the mystery and wisdom of immediacy. Even with these high ideals, Jordan is a simple man who loves climbing, superhero movies, making music and being close with his family.

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