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An Anchor in the Unknown

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An Anchor in the Unknown

We are on the edge of something fantastic. Forced to be online to connect, in a challenging moment, capacities that accelerate subtle connection have surprisingly emerged for many. For Angela, used to teaching in person, necessity and curiosity led her to a series of explorations with Transformational Play (improv, storytelling, and mindfulness) this spring. By adapting her work to the online world, practices developed that release stress, create ease, and broaden our bandwidth to notice and be with more in any moment. To be able to hold ourselves and each other steady as the world rocks and shifts is a greatly needed, generous act. In this approach to play, we get grounded together across the earth and collectively increase our capacity to enjoy, to receive, to feel, to take in more beauty, truth, and goodness as it is emerging. We help each other to open to inspired ideas for action, reorient ourselves, and hold light as the changes are happening. 

This session will give you the opportunity to

– try some Transformational Play practices

– experience a range of ways to connect online from the most light to the most profound. 

– connect and feel how aliveness and potential fill the online space

Especially if you want to 

  • experience how play transforms a group 

  • be inspired as we co create deep connection

  • release stress, breakthrough to joy, in the safety of your own home

  • discover an embodied, wonderful online world 

About Angela Halvorsen Bogo:

Angela has 30 years of experience in improv, singing, dance, clown, theatre, and storytelling infused with spiritual practice to develop consciousness in personal growth, education, healthcare, and culture. Her guiding archetype is the Fool, the risk-taking surfer of the unknown, presented at IEC in 2018. Currently, her focus is the transformation of people and organisations through Transformational Play and Social Presencing Theatre (Theory U). https://www.transformationalplay.net

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