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The Grit, Grind, Glory & Grace of Daily Integral Practice

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Presentation: The Grit, Grind, Glory & Grace of Daily Integral Practice

One of the most powerful and persistent ideas to emerge from the Integral movement is Integral Transformative Practice. In this workshop, we will go beyond the idea of ITP and anchor it in our collective experience. What does it take to get started, keep our practice going, and what are the fruits? Specific tools for achieving our goals in each essential line will be discussed and practiced: body, mind, the emotional life, its shadows and its pressing, often hidden gifts; and the spiritual line, in which we come to realize on a stable, ongoing basis who and what we are at the deepest level.

Workshop participants will walk away with new clarity, growing grit, and a palpable sense they are not alone, but riding a wave leading the way to a life that confronts, grapples with, and becomes the answer to the issues that plague us—a life in which we become the instruments of compassion, skillfulness, and creativity that our current Zeitgeist is calling us forth to embody.

Names of co-contributors: Heidi Mitchell

Heidi has worked for iAwake Technologies as Financial Administrator & CEO John Dupuy’s Executive Assistant since 2010 and at Integral Recovery since 2007. She is also a freelance editor and edited John’s award-winning book Integral Recovery. Heidi loves living in the beautiful red-rock country of Southern Utah and has been meditating with brainwave and biofield entrainment since 2007. She graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with a degree in International Economics.

Names of co-contributors: Douglas Prater

Douglas Prater is the CTO and Creative Director of iAwake Technologies and the co-host/producer of the Journey of Integral Recovery Podcast. As an author, meditator, fitness enthusiast, and musician who holds a degree in Music: Sound Recording Technology from Texas State University, he lives in focused experiential commitment to full-spectrum Integral Transformative Practice.

About John Dupuy:

John Dupuy is CEO of iAwake Technologies, a company that creates cutting-edge brain entrainment soundtracks that support the healing of emotional/shadow issues, deepen meditation, inspire focus & flow states, and enhance our daily integral transformative practice overall. John has been working personally and professionally with brain entrainment technology since 2004 and travels internationally to teach and inspire on the subjects of Integral transformative practice and Integral Recovery®.

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