HAGEN, Silvia
LUGER, Monika
EMICH, Szabolcs

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To stay or to leave

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To stay or to leave

Or how to use your emotions as a guide in dealing with resistance in organizations

Many of us know the ambivalence, when we are in a situation (be it a customer project or our own organization) where we meet a lot of resistance and we don’t feel we can do much about it. Should we leave or stay? What are the criteria for one or the other choice? What can we do if we like to stay but just feel powerless and ineffective? How can we work with the situation to unlock the potential in us and in the organization?

In the perspective of the organization it might be good if people with an integral understanding don’t quit the job because they feel uncomfortable and unappreciated, but rather stay, bear the tension and keep shining the light and the understanding and give the time and space for the organization to evolve in its own speed. But there are situations where the organization is not willing or not capable of evolving and in such a case our staying might be a waste of energy.

 Most of us know such situations. We would like to explore more deeply our emotions and how we can use them as a guide and learn more about ourselves, how to evolve personally and become more effective in the organization.

 Format of the workshop

We start with a short overview of the integral map. To work on the subject we will do several guided working groups, using the map and evaluating your own personal situation and organization applying the concepts and discussing them in small teams

Names of co-contributors: Monika Luger

Studies in Agricultural Management and Marketing
Owner of an organic food store and café (5 years)
One son, one daughter
Monika Luger empowers all aspects of self-awareness in the people of organizations she is working with. Using the AQAL Model Monika analyses issues within organizations, and thereby develops customized solutions with and for all employees.
In addition, she lectures on sustainable development at the University of Weihenstephan.

Names of co-contributors: Szabolcs Emich

His capacity to research and sense the future firstly realized in founding the first e-learning company in the region. From 1995 he has begun to change ecosystems and consciousness level of involved people in fields like remote work, homebirth, communication in schools, and alternative schooling systems.

Specialties: Biography work, Threefolding, U.process, Art of Hosting, training design, Agile, company culture, Reinventing Organizations, change management…

About Silvia Hagen:

Silvia Hagen has been consulting companies internationally for over 20 years, is the author of several technical books and is part of the agile community since many years. She has an education in systemic and integral organizational development and is a regular speaker at conferences. She works with people, teams and organizations to develop new and holistic forms of collaboration. Her main quest in life is to find out how consciousness works. She loves people who think out-of-the-box.

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