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Conscious Contracts: Creating a WE-space in our agreements with others

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Conscious Contracts: Creating a WE-space in our agreements with others

The Integrative Law Movement is shifting the paradigm of how lawyers and clients interact.  Together, we will experience how we can shift the starting point of negotiations, relationships, and contracts to create a WE-space that allows co-creative flow to emerge—whether or not you are working with a holistic attorney!


In Integral & Teal Communities we discuss the importance of bringing our whole selves to our interactions with others, exploring our light and shadow sides, engaging through our values, and understanding how to communicate with others even when we are not operating at the same level of consciousness. How would it look to bring Integral Theory into our explicit (e.g. formal oral and written agreements) and implicit contracts?


We will briefly learn about the global Integrative Law Movement, the Conscious Contracts process, and how to bring our vulnerability, authenticity, and shadow sides into the conversation to create a WE Space when discovering agreement with others. In small groups we’ll practice the principles and the process, so you can apply them in discovering your next agreement—perhaps with your next landlord, your next job application, or creating a partnership for a new project idea with someone you meet through this conference!


This workshop is for everyone!

About Jacqueline Horani:

Jacqueline Horani helps organizations and entrepreneurs develop sustainable communities that are transforming our experiences of ‘work’. A lawyer, entrepreneur, and consultant, Jacqueline is passionate about plain language documents, values-based practices, and Access to Justice (her services are on a sliding fee scale). She is an active public speaker and empowers individuals by bringing clarity to the fundamentals of law, business, and collaboration. Jacqueline is a part of the global Integrative Law Movement and is nurturing a small rooftop garden with her partner in NYC.

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