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Ecstatic Dance – Gathering the Integral Tribe

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Ecstatic Dance – Gathering the Integral Tribe

Ecstatic Dance is a unique dance experience, provides safe, inclusive, and open space for people from
all walks of life to explore the freedom of mind, body, and spirit through self-expression in movement within
an accepting creative community. Our alcohol and drug-free, chatter-free, critique-free, and shoe-free
events are integrated platforms of sacred rituals in a modern-day setting. The concept was born in
2000, over the past 19 years, touched thousands of hearts and bodies all around the world.
We start with opening circle, continued by a guided movement meditation, that evolves into freeform
dance. We close the event with a relaxing sound bath.

About Zoltán Kerényi-Kiss

Founder, organizer, movement facilitator and dj at Ecstatic Dance Budapest, certified Integral Consultant. Passionate practicioner of Contact Improv, 5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Movement Medicine, Biodanza, body-oriented therapy methods and meditation. My mission is to help people explore the liberation and expression of their creative energy through movement, sound and playfulness in order to re-connect their true essence and embrace life fully. My other aim is to catalyze community connections.

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