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A Case Study for Resilient & Adaptive Leadership

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Presentation: A Case Study for Resilient & Adaptive Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us on a global level and, as such, has pushed leaders to think more earnestly about what kind of leadership becomes essential for any such turbulent time. This growing global awakening may help us recognize we need more effective tools and means to survive in times of adversity and adapt in order to thrive. We have learned that the epicentre of chaos, with the beginnings of occurring in COVID-19 in China, can shift and that we are all impacted by change no matter the origin or it seemingly localized. Though we continue to experience devastating impacts, the value this virus provides by bringing the world to a halt is in our scramble to find solutions which includes other and more global ways of seeing, being and doing things. A more global consciousness for leadership can be assisted through looking to regions and people that, being at the epicentre of socio-political turmoil, in addition to other challenges, have a great deal of practice in navigating and overcoming those challenges. Many regions outside the West have many lessons to offer in helping us understand how to move beyond a blueprint for the action of an outer orientation, in particular, to value and strengthen inner dimensions of leadership. This presentation offers a case study on women I have studied in the Middle East over some decades who aptly demonstrate the very leadership capacities needed through their collective struggle and with resiliency and adaptability at the core of their being and seeing, necessary to address the complexities of our collective challenge and for turbulent times ahead.

About Wanda Krause:

Wanda Krause is Program Head of the MA in Global Leadership Program and Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University, Canada. Wanda is passionate about investigating how courageous individuals create better conditions for themselves and for the world in alignment with empowerment, peace and prosperity. She has focused on the works of women in the Middle East in their different forms of organization to illustrate their activism and impacts towards creating change. She has lead and co-founded two centers, one for the provision of Integral life practices and the other for supporting civil society development, as well has contributed to the founding of two MA programs in the Middle East. Wanda is a member of the Consortium of Integral Scholars, she is an award-winning author, has written three books, co-wrote one with several authors, and is editor of a fifth. Her latest book was Spiritual Activism: Keys for Personal and Political Success.

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