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Our Relationship to Time: Sacred Rhythm

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Workshop: Our Relationship to Time: Sacred Rhythm

We closed our eyes, we woke up; and all were unified by a trigger that invited us (globally) to step out from our outer experiences driven by linear time; into an inner experience within our caves (homes), returning to ourselves (social distancing), reconnecting with rhythm (nature) and a more intimate relationship with Time, the present moment (now).

For eons, human experience has been guided by clock time, in service of “our doing”. This has resulted in separation from our intimate and unified connection with the universe in service of “our beingness”, and its sacred rhythm, universal Time.

This has NOW shifted.

About Makarem Halla:

I am Halla. I have the heart of an artist, the mind of a scientist and the soul of a mystical gypsy. I live an integrated embodied life, where being, doing and nurturing oneself are all happening in a coherent relationship amongst themselves. I am anchored in human values. I seed ideas. I illuminate insights and higher understanding. I reveal patterns and expand the space of possibility. You will find my story, my publications and a portfolio of my body of work at

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