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Embodied Creativity

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Embodied Creativity

Creativity does not have to be confined to the arts, it can be uniquely mobilized in the service of learning. This is how Gaia Orion likes to share her practice allying art-based learning and coaching. This 1h30m online art workshop will give you an opportunity to reconnect with your child’s spirit and put it to the service of your life right now. We have all been experiencing various levels of distress and anxiety with the recent global events. With creative tools, you are invited to go in, feel ‘what is’, and express it all in a visual form. If you find yourself stuck lately, if you need answers and clarity over a specific issue at a personal level or in your professional life, or if you just want to relax with a bit of fun, this session will be just what you need. We will “draw, paint, collage” (depending on what art supplies you have laying around at home) and then reflect on the ‘symbols’ created to gain insights about our present lives. No artistic experience is necessary to attend this workshop, all the contrary! The fresher your mind, the least you “know” about drawing, the more interesting the process will be for you.

About Gaia Orion:

Gaia Orion is a successful international artist who has dedicated her whole life to creativity. Her unique vision and experience led her to create an innovative approach that allies art and coaching to enrich and transform the culture of organizations. Gaia is a certified creativity coach (CCA) and a certified corporate coach (WABC). In the past 12 years she has lead transformational art workshops internationally.

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