PILHOFER, Katharina


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Embodied Yoga – Flow, We Space and Relaxation

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Embodied Yoga – Flow, We Space and Relaxation

This gentle Yoga morning practice will get your body-mind ready for the first day at IEC online! We will engage in an embodied form of Yoga in which we provide care and nourishment to the body so that you feel ready to join the program from home. This will be a gentle dynamic flow practice that leaves enough space for your own exploration, pace and needs. Your body is the main guide here! Get a Yoga mat and a few props ready (optional, if available) and see you on the mat!

About Katharina Pilhofer:

Katharina is a facilitator of Embodied Yoga and Yoga Nidra practices. Her love for integral theory and we space practices has informed her teaching and she loves to hold space that is co-created so that everyone can thrive in their individual as well as collective nature.

Katharina is also a certified We Flow, steward, a practice in which the projects of our hearts can come to live or be supported by the intelligence of a collective space.

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