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Integral Meditation for Hyperobject Meta-Awareness

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Presentation: Integral Meditation for Hyperobject Meta-Awareness

Integral Meditation (IM) is a powerful process and emergent teaching of cultivating vo-luminous empty awareness which one can use to investigate all sorts of objects—gross, subtle, causal, and nondual events. In IM work with adult development stages, or “Growing Up,” is interwoven with progression through awareness states of “Waking Up” as well as various methodologies of “Cleaning Up” (i.e. multilayered shadow work) and “Showing Up” (via all-quadrant enactment). It is aimed at intensifying consciousness, co-enacting multidimensional We-space vibrancies, and facilitating vertical transformations. It allows not only experiencing states of profound psychological and embodied shifts (and change in all quadrants) but also cultivating a meta-awareness container that enables experiential investigation and cognizing of even the most sophisticated objects. Timothy Morton coined the term “hyperobject” to designate entities of such vast temporal and spatial dimensions that they cannot be grasped by our ordinary human consciousness. The global event of the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen as such a hyperobject—a mega-event that has been developing rapidly in multiple directions and dimensions. It can be argued that holistic and cohesive exploration of such a hyperobject requires undergoing profound growth both in our structures of consciousness and our awareness states. We will use the Integral Meditation process to guide us through aspects of this transformative process and explore the COVID-19 hyperobject within an experiential AQAL matrix in order to assimilate its energies as they are existentially relevant to our evolving being-in-the-world. IM itself represents a combination of Ken Wilber’s Integral Metatheory (as described in his book Integral Meditation and other works) and Holoscendence (an experiential approach originated by Sergey Kupriyanov, MD, PhD in Medicine) as well as original contributions by the authors of this online workshop.

Names of co-contributors: Tatyana Parfenova

Certified mindfulness instructor & Holoscendence (Integral Psychology) practitioner/facilitator, Tatyana graduated from an Integral Theory course in Moscow. She is a facilitator and explorer of constructive states of consciousness beneficial to raising the quality of life. Tatyana has been organizing workshops and programs in Integral psychology for several years in Russia. She teaches workshops on Integral Theory & Practice and Vertical Adult Development.

About Pustoshkin Eugene:

A clinical psychologist & Integral therapist, Eugene is a deeply-experienced workshop facilitator, teacher-practitioner of Holoscendence, Integral Meditation, and AQAL Approach.

He’s been translating K. Wilber’s and other authors’ works on AQAL Integral Metatheory, Transpersonal Psychology, & Mindfulness for more than a decade (he translated/edited more than 10 books).

Chief Editor at eroskosmos.org—the Russian Integral online journal. Bureau Chief for Russia at INTEGRAL LEADERSHIP REVIEW.

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