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We-Flow: Integral We-Space for Businesses

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Presentation: We-Flow: Integral We-Space for Businesses

Coming to We-Flow is stepping into a learning field of “access”.
In the field your capacity expands, to call in whatever state or quality that’s needed to enact what is most important for you in the world.

We-Flow is an awareness-based social technology. It has emerged from the collective desire to integrate we-space practice in any professional context. We unfold 3 phases of Landing, Receiving and Making to identify desired outcome, receive from the unlimited field of abundance and turn it all into purposeful action.

The practice has enabled its participants the incredible fusion of human nourishment & efficiency. It is currently used to serve several entrepreneurs, companies, and business cultures. Our collective runs Weekly online sessions, a Stewardship Certification program, trainings every 2 months, with more than 150 professionals already served.

In this workshop you will experience the latest developments of this constantly evolving practice, and get the opportunity to bring your work into the space.

Before you join the workshop you may playfully ask yourself:

Am I inviting the possibility of being heartblown & mindblown?
Am I willing to aim for 100% play and max 69% seriousness?
Am I willing to invite my spontaneous genius to flow into creation?

We are looking forward to welcome you and your limitless potential in We-Flow.

About Segatori Stéphane:

Stéphane’s background is in Business Intelligence & MBTI Coaching. During a Zen retreat, he experienced the 8 Jungian Cognitive functions as building blocks of the self, from a state of causal witnessing. He’s since devoted his livelihood to developing actionable collective states. He’s a sportsman and teamplayer at the core. Playfulness is his way of existing, and a wild card to help professionals. He trained & facilitated in Integral communities in Boulder, SF, Paris and finally Amsterdam.

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