SKELTON Pearson, Jon

(United Kingdom)

Title of contribution:

From Drama to Dharma

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Presentation: From Drama to Dharma

In this workshop, I will demonstrate how we construct and reinforce the feelings and beliefs
of our shadow.selves in relation to others, by enacting dramas that may last from thirty
seconds to thirty years.  We will have fun playing Drama Detectives and figuring out how
dramas have their roots in the first two fulcrums. I think the most integral shadow-work is
fulcrum-discrete and agentic in tone. I want to complement this by adding the communal,
relational element.

About Skelton Pearson Jon:

I met and fell in love with KW’s work in 1983, the year I started meditating and practising yoga. I qualified a a psychotherapist in 2000 and worked for 16 years from the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy where I also supervised and taught. In 2009, I built and ran a yoga studio for nine years. In 2017, I married, moved to Brighton, UK and began a tantric apprenticeship. Rose and I now combine our skills into an integrally-informed tantra which we are beginning to teach worldwide.

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