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The Power Of Integral Music

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Presentation: The Power Of Integral Music

Music is a powerful, psychoactive medium for expressing the Integral vision.  Ken Wilber has said about Steve’s ground-breaking new Integral choral work: “Steve Banks’s ‘Blue Pearl Oratorio’ is a wonderful, exciting musical composition created as a manifestation of his Integral understanding.  It’s a superb, exhilarating, magical piece of music that takes one through any number of different experiential realities, a manifestation of Steve’s own wider and deeper awareness.  Sit back and enjoy a rich trip through these effervescent realities in your own case, highly recommended.” 


In this 90 minute session, we will listen to six movements (Let Go; Holons; True Names; Sex; Death; Be Still) of the demo recording of Steve’s ‘Blue Pearl’ oratorio which is accessible online (35 minutes – nearly half of the piece; please have good speakers or headphones). Before we listen, Steve will talk briefly introduce each movement, and what makes this music Integral. The music ends in silence and a short period of silent meditation. 


Then we will have a group discussion. You can ask Steve questions, or make comments about what you have just heard, and about Integral music in general. You might also want to talk about a piece of music you think is ‘Integral’, or that has inspired you deeply. You can listen to the oratorio anytime online, and read the lyrics and vocal score, at

About Stephen Banks:

Steve is a musician, Integral composer and workshop leader. He has performed with many ensembles from the London Symphony Orchestra to the Carnival Band. He has played for rituals based on Dagara traditions, and has co-led Rites of Passage for men. His major new composition, an ‘Integral Oratorio’, is the first of its kind. He has been an Integral and meditation practitioner for 25 years. He has created the experiential course ‘Demystifying Mysticism’ based on Wilber’s work.

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