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Eliciting and Integrating Peak Experiences – Psychology, Spirituality and Psychedelics

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Eliciting and Integrating Peak Experiences – Psychology, Spirituality, and Psychedelics

What brings about peak experiences and how can we leverage their integration into our lives for our own and others’ wellbeing and growth? Altered states of consciousness provide an experience of ego dis-identification, a shift in perception, and a witnessing, these elements help facilitate processes of self-development (K. Wilber). In the first part of this (inter)active session, Gellért will take us through the history and current state of transpersonal psychology (Grof) and developmental psychopathology (Ranschburg). Luckily, our human spiritual needs are being recognised by these schools and the world at large. Drawing on literature, various methods, and case studies, Gellért will illustrate how spirituality finds its place in his clinical psychology practice. One way to elicit peak experiences is the ingestion of psychedelics in a safe and supported environment. Paulina and Miriam will share about their respective specialties of ibogaine and psilocybin. Research shows that the entheogens can heal the brain and the psychological self, while potentially also inducing a sense of oneness and interconnectedness. Preparation and integration of such sessions are of great importance for participants to cultivate the perspectives and practices that support state development. You are very welcome to ask questions, participate in the practices, and share in break-out groups. We hope to spark (or reinvigorate) your own explorations in these important and interesting dimensions of being and becoming.

Names of co-contributors: Paulina ALANIS

Transformative Integral coach (ICC), MA in Integral Theory. I provide psycho-shamanic
explorations with plant medicine -ibogaine specifically- and shadow work within an integral
practice. Deeply inspired to contribute to people’s health, I am passionate about the use of
plant medicines for transformative healing. After conducting mixed-method research on the
healing effects of ibogaine for personal transformation, I now work with ibogaine clinics as a
coach and sitter in Mexico and Europe.

Names of co-contributors: RAFFAI Gellért

BA in Psychology (Behavioural analysis), MSc in Health Psychology; Ph.D. in Health Sciences (in
progress), Clinical Psychologist in training. I am a practicing psychologist with personal
experience in transpersonal techniques (e.g. yoga, vipassana meditation, holotropic
breathwork). I use transpersonal approaches in my daily work (e.g. mindfulness, visualization).

About Miriam van Groen

Intentional psychedelic trip guide for joyful empowerment. After teaching and coaching in higher education, I burnt out 4 years ago. My Integral practices (e.g. Circling) and high dose injections of self-compassion have facilitated the stage shift that this life event kicked off. I now support people wanting to leverage psychedelics for their personal (stage) development. I am a board member of the Dutch professional association for psychedelic facilitators: Guild of Guides.

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