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Integral in Africa: Africa through Spiral Dynamics

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Integral in Africa: Africa through Spiral Dynamics

Dr Rica Viljoen reflects on how various Spiral Dynamics codes manifest in Africa, during this keynote address. Specific emphasis is placed on conceptualising the forgotten spiral dynamics code: Beige, and how it manifests in this continent. It is argued that without integrating Beige, humanity cannot become second tier. Further, a unique celebration of Purple is presented. This Code is uniquely positioned as the key to humanity. Red, is repositioned as a positive and important niche that enables Jungian Individuation. A colourful exploration on how Blue, Orange and Green come together to weave diversity of thought in the oldest continent, follows. Ultimately, dr Viljoen will reason that second tier thinking is alive and well in Africa and that just maybe the world can remember deep wisdom from African ontology and philosophy in an attempt to embrace Yellow and Turquoise. During the conversation the following six crucial features to be focused on:

• The law of the Spiral

• Multiple Intelligences

• Integrative Structures

• The Power of the Paradox

• The rule of SOME

• Synergistic/Value Management.

Unique reflections of the first Integral African Conference, held in 2019, will also be shared. The next sister conference of the Integral European Conference is planned for 2020. In the worlds of Jung: “if father Europe and mother Africa unite, the divine child called transformation is born.” An attempt will be made to showcase the age-old soul of diverse Africa.

About Rica Viljoen

Rica developed the Benchmark of Engagement (BeQ), a tool that describes the human energy in systems to perform, that was administered in more than 50 countries. In 2017 Rica has been awarded the CEO award for her contribution to the field of study nationally and internationally by the Institute of Personal Management (IBP) for which she also acted as ambassador. She is a board member of the South African Board of People Practices. She is a world renowned facilitator and author

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