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Self-Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

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Self-Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

How to lead with your unique personal style.

Leadership training is NOT exclusive for leaders. To transform the global crisis, we need the personal commitment from 100.000.000 new leaders all over the world. We are all involved in this. Don’t act like a separate unit. We all are the cause and effect. Take responsibility for your actions. Shine a light in the dark and embrace the unknown with courage, curiosity, and celebration!

In this experimental workshop, we’ll create our personal leadership fingerprint mixing Integral Theory with Acting Systems. But no worries! You will sit comfortable in your room, watch from a safe distance and there aren’t any special leadership skills needed! Bring your curiosity, discover new ways of being, while playing around with other self-proclaimed leaders; and design your unique Self-Leadership role.

The workshop is divided into 5 parts.

  1. Set the intention: Who are you? What are your expectations? What do you want to get out of this workshop?
  2. Discover your leadership style: How do you move, stand and breathe? What is your status?
  3. Shine some light on your leadership shadow: What feelings are you suppressing or avoiding? Who do you ignore, admire or hate? Which leader makes you angry?
  4. Awake the radiance and presence in your Self: Who do you want to be? Which role are you choosing to play in the world?
  5. Feedback and Feedforward: What have you learnt? How can you go forward beyond this experience?

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About Marc Jean Wernli:

In his unique MW-EMBODIMENT-COACHING Marc unified his life experiences to help organisations and leaders ‘to EMBODY the CHANGE they want to BE’.
He used to work as a German Theatre director and professor, but after a bomb attack in Israel his theatre ambitions ‘blew up in the air’. He started a spiritual journey which led him to Barcelona where he worked in different jobs, studied Yoga, founded a family… His life took a new turn when he certified as an Integral Master Coach!

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