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Integral Africa: a vital inclusion!

A Downside Up view of reality! Integral Africa! 

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Thursday, May 28th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30

Saturday, May 30th, 2020
11:30 – 13:30 

Integral Africa: a vital inclusion!

Integral Africa – findings, and research into the work of the south! As the south (Africa & America) rises in prominence, so does the ground of work that holds key aspects of the feminine principles of communion & service mesh into the collective space of individualism & masculine principles. When this experience is enacted through its shadow & dark energy it becomes violent, psychotic & distorted. When it creates a trance that loses its contact with morality, truth & beauty, it is corrupted! There are multiple aspects of the path to integration that needs inclusion such as the bridging between the two hemispheres of north & south, & the divine feminine & masculine, as a radical act towards wholeness. In a world that is prevailed upon by multiple crises, the work of integral practitioners becomes increasingly necessary to support the next trajectory & manage that most difficult act of transition: change and transformation. Letting go to let come! This paper will draw on some of the perspectives & findings from the IA conference with the purpose of building platforms for dialogue, exploration, research, and action towards a world and life that is wholly possible. It asks what do we need to die to, in order to find our connections back to the source, to earth, to each other. Translating the maps (Pampallis Integral Africa Quadrants) into viable options that speak to all people is critical. Truly hearing what we cannot yet perceive is the work. Africa has much to offer.

A Downside Up view of reality! Integral Africa!

The Integral+ Practice of Leadership & Coaching is a way of facilitating deep transformative change & healing towards integration at a personal, group & structural level. Codified into various levels of programme work, the journeys of deep learning through consciousness practice & action for impact has enabled Paddy to influence the thinking & practice of coaching & leadership at post-conventional levels. Holding her work with Susanne Cook Greuter, Otto Scharmer, & African academics & practitioners, creates a place in which a deep democracy interweaves with the ground of beingness as conceptualised & practised by the African wisdom traditions. Translated & operationalised into real-time considerations of the western colonialization of the African (global) mindsets, this work is calibrated towards developmental states of individual, group & national relevance & is being utilised to grow the SA Leadership. The coaching work goes beyond coaching to include Integral African practitioner capacity to work in an environment that shatteringly complex & both awful and beautiful. In a world that needs intentional consciousness, acupuncture points are assessed to grow an integral & holistic awareness & practice for those working in health, education, leadership & simply trying to survive. This work has changed me & the path is the work. Some of the journeys documented will be shared to demonstrate the process.

About Paddy Pampallis

Paddy has spent her life T work facilitating the growth of consciousness & healing in her person, & with others in the roles as psychologist, coach, teacher, leader& integral facilitator/practitioner. Using a unique adaptation of Wilber’s Integral Theory in her work, she has become a thought leader & recognised as a pioneer in the field of learning, coaching & leadership. She is passionate about integrating the essential beingness of an African way into her embodiment teaching & practice.

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