Katia Trost (Brazil/Germany)

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The danger of growing beyond our shadow

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The danger of growing beyond our shadow

Working as an integrative practitioner for the last 20 years, I have asked myself why personal, collective and spiritual evolution are often so slow and difficult, or why the reality of life always seems to lag behind our highest evolutionary vision.

Today, most integrative circles accept the unity of body, mind and soul. But can we really take this unity for granted?

I will argue that, no, most people are not able to draw from an integrated body-mind-soul unit when they evolve. A merely functional interconnection between body, mind and soul may promote some sort of evolution but this form of evolution comes with a hefty trade-off – the emergence of shadows on an individual and collective level that grow bigger and more destructive the more we evolve in a non-integrated fashion.

It is a well-known problem in Integral Theory that many 1st Tier problems can only ultimately be solved from a 2nd Tier perspective; therefore, integration may present itself like something of a chicken-and-egg situation.

But is integration really a paradox, or are we missing something here?

While searching for a practical solution for this dilemma on an individual level, my attention has been drawn to a unifying principle that helped myself and my clients to unfold in a more integral fashion through the stages.

In my presentation, I will apply the possibilities and implications of my findings to the health of the individual stages as well as the collective health of the spiral as a whole.

About Katia Trost:

Katia Trost is an independent health researcher, teacher and practitioner of her own method. After being frustrated with even the most well-intended wholistic methods that were mostly able to promote function but rarely integration, she came up with a coherent concept and a path throughout the stages of evolution.

Her approach alchemizes findings from the fields of biology, biochemistry, epigenetics, nutrition, medicine, ontogeny, neurology, psychology, alchemy, naturopathy and spirituality.


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