Angela Halvorsen Bogo

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Towards a Global Fireside – Soulful Storytelling

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Towards a Global Fireside – Soulful Storytelling

As a storyteller, in the Scottish oral tradition for over 30 years, I bring stories and experience to share about how a renaissance of storytelling can serve our collective evolution in the future. Storytelling can open us to visions of a bright future. They can warn, cheer, encourage and inspire us in a deeply poetic collective and unifying experience of presence.

This session includes these aspects of storytelling:
-indigenous wisdom of meeting in story, song and music
-overview of embodied, we-space flow
-vision for re-igniting both the fireside (everyone) and bardic (vocational) traditions
-developing soul friendships through story
-personal story, folktales and fairytales that connect and rehumanize us
-subtle and causal levels of listening
-hosting and participating in storytelling
-presencing, embodied imagination, authenticity, service, sensing, musicality
-a relevant evolutionary repertoire
-the New Global Fireside: digital storytelling

In group exercises we will also reflect, sense and feel into stories, in verbal and nonverbal relational practices, observing how the we-space deepens.

About Angela Halvorsen Bogo:

A theatre improvisor, Angela was apprenticed to a master indigenous storyteller in 1990. In 35 countries and online, she performs and teaches through playful engagement in organisational, educational and personal development. She leads lively retreats that awaken the body, imagination, emotional literacy, playfulness and connection in people. She also meets dementia patients as a clown and trains others including nurses, in sensitive, innovative ways to connect with people with dementia.

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