Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Diana Claire Douglas
(Nederland, Canada)

Title of contribution:

Humanity’s Role in Collective Evolution

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Humanity’s Role in Collective Evolution

Humanity is being pushed by Evolution and being pulled by the Emerging Future. In the midst of these strong forces, how does Humanity come into right relationship with the flow of Life and Love? At The Hague Center for Field Inquiry we are exploring this question in several locations through Constellating for the Collective. In this workshop participants are invited to experience different kinds of Witnesses identified through our ongoing research, including at IEC (since 2014). Our inquiry in the Knowing Field will explore: What is Humanity’s role in the future of Collective Evolution?

Names of co-contributor: Diana Claire Douglas

Diana Claire Douglas, facilitator, coach, consultant. Involved in collaborative research hosted by The Hague Center for Field Inquiry. She brings to her facilitation her love for Life as an artist, author and researcher. Her book Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field is forthcoming in 2021.

About Anne-Marie Voorhoeve:

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is Evolutionary Leader, founder The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC). Focussing on the emergence of heart-centered planetary governance, she Coalesces Authority, Power and Influence (CAPI-Adizes) and is part of core teams of conscious networks, like WholeWorld-View, Co-Creating Europe, Integral City, the Club of Budapest.


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