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Leadership Embodiment

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Leadership Embodiment

How can we be our best selves, also under pressure? Join this fun, easy and deep exploration of Leadership Embodiment tools and practices. We like to make our unique meaningful contribution to the world, offering what is needed. To know and feel what is truly needed in a situation we need to be present, open and awake. This is easy on a good day. But can be hard in challenging, intense or exciting situations.

How can you be fully present, embodied in any situation, so you can make a fitting contribution?

Results of the workshop are: -1 a super quick way to shift from stress to a flow state; -2 how to lead from inspiration and focus on what matters most; -3 how to embody different stages and states, so we can more easily collaborate effectively with a large variety of people.

Join this experiential workshop and get practical tools inspired from aikido, mindfulness, sports, and biology that you can put in to practice the very next day.

About Brack Anouk:

Anouk Brack is an internationally acclaimed expert in leadership embodiment. Unique in her approach is the three dimensions of leadership development, Skill – Stage – State. In 2007 she founded Experience Integral. She is the author of two successful Dutch management books on Leadership Embodiment and on Purpose-driven Leadership. She has 20+ years experience teaching with clarity, connection, and some humor.


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