Damien Bohler, Katharina Pilhofer
(Australia, Germany)

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Intersecting Authentic Relating and We-Space

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Intersecting Authentic Relating and We-Space

The exploration of intersubjective We-Spaces is of great potential for collective evolution. Not only do we create more of the good, true and beautiful when hearts and minds of several individuals come together – we can also tap into a guidance of higher intelligence for our collective future. I + You = We, 1 + 1 = 3 and this third space between us has its own intelligence, magic, emergence and wisdom that is beyond our individual knowing. The emergence arising in such spaces can be powerful pointers to our collective growth and evolution.

We-Space practice has existed in the integral community for a while. However, the moments where We-Space turns into a field of emergence are still rare. In this workshop we will make the case that authentic relating is an essential prerequisite here. The skills of authentic relating support us in navigating the intersubjective field towards more intimacy, immediacy and interconnectedness. At the same time they allow to mitigate chaos. A certain level of chaos is part of every We-Space exploration, however with the right skills we can remain constructive, emergent-oriented and playful.

Join Katharina and Damien for an exploration of the in-the-moment emerging We-Space based on authentic relating skills. If you are new to We-Space: get a sense of the magic that can emerge in an intersubjective field. If you are familiar with We-Space: learn how skillful interpersonal interactions based on authentic relating can facilitate emergence.

Names of co-contributor: Damien Bohler

Damien is the founder of Evolutionary Relating – an intersubjective online university for the development of human consciousness. He has over 10 years experience facilitating groups in relational practices and is particularly talented at weaving complex information together and presenting it in an easy to grasp format. His desire is to help wake this world up into new ways of being, sacred relationships, and a deeper reverential connection to this magnificent planet we inhabit.

About Katharina Pilhofer:

Katharina is an embodiment coach, embodied Yoga facilitator, authentic relating practitioner and passionate explorer of We-Spaces. She supports individuals in developing intimacy with the wisdom of their own bodies towards embodying their highest potential and bringing their contribution to the world. Apart from working individually, she explores the interconnectedness of body wisdom, authentic relating practices and their contribution to the potential of intersubjective spaces.


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