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The Vision Quest

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The Vision Quest

Finding soul-centric direction and purpose for our lives is an essential part of human health, development, and sanity, and can be an antidote for many of the existential challenges and pathologies that confront us in these times of evolutionary stress, breakdown, and breakthrough.

Whereas a traditional Vision Quest consists of finding a sacred place in the wilderness to pray and fast for 3-4 days, John has found we can often achieve the same results using our current conditions and technology to access the altered states where we can connect with our intuitive voice and wisdom Self and find the guidance we seek.

In this workshop, we examine the psychological, mythological, historical, and technological aspects of making this quest for vision a current and attainable reality. We will talk about what this means for us both individually and collectively, and participate in a group brainwave entrainment-enhanced Vision Quest meditation. Then we will share and compare the results.

John Dupuy is an experienced vision quester and Vision Quest guide in the tradition of the Plains Indians (major cultural appropriation). He is also a pioneer of guiding questers in online Vision Quests, using iAwake’s sound technology to facilitate the altered-consciousness breakthroughs essential for us to attain our vision.

About John Dupuy:

John Dupuy, MA, is the founder of Integral Recovery®, author of the award-winning book Integral Recovery: A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of Alcoholism and Addiction, and CEO of iAwake Technologies. John is an experienced vision quester, wilderness guide, and has guided hundreds of students on their own vision quest journey. Most recently, John has led an online 5-day Vision Quest with 100 participants as a continuing unfoldment of the vision quest rite of passage in the 21st century.

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