Geoff Fitch,
Androsoff Tamara,

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The co-creation and evolution of I & We

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The co-creation and evolution of I & We

We will introduce a framework that maps the principles and practices Pacific Integral engages to support participants’ and cohorts’ development within the Generating Transformative Change (GTC) program. The I/We model supports the development of capacities for “subtle community” which is founded in contextual and systemic understanding, personal self-awareness, interpersonal differentiation and skills, and access to transpersonal states and stages of consciousness.
GTC is a 9-month, developmentally informed leadership program that has been delivered on three continents (North America, Oceania, and Africa), with over 30 cohorts. To support transformation within GTC, we start with the principle that individuals grow and develop in the context of relationships and groups, and vice-versa.
The workshop introduces the I/We model by engaging participants in embodied and experiential practices to demonstrate the interdependence and non-separation of individual and collective development.

Names of co-contributors: Androsoff Tamara

Names of co-contributors: Lynam Abigail

Names of co-contributors: Wood John

About Fitch Geoff:

Pacific Integral Faculty: Geoff Fitch MA, Abigail Lynam PhD, John Wood, PhD & Tamara Androsoff Grad. Dip Psychotherapy. Pacific Integral is a developer of educational and social change technologies and a global community of leaders and practitioners of awareness-based transformative change

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