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The Meaning Of Life – Integral Purpose & Evolution

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The Meaning Of Life – Integral Purpose & Evolution

What is the meaning of life? This question is both deeply personal and collective. While many of us are searching for the true meaning of life, some claim to know their purpose early on. And then either life happens or they realize they need to expand into other dimensions than ‘just’ work. Whatever your path has been, most of us have adopted ideas about what life means – from ‘life being meaningless’ and ‘the universe not having a purpose’ to ‘presence as purpose’, to ‘love as purpose’ or ‘a particular soul-craft being the purpose’. You maybe already see where I am going with this – our purpose is multidimensional and it evolves with our values. In other words, purpose is integral. Together, we will explore what purpose is for you in each of the AQAL quadrants through an embodiment practice called ‘constellation’. That will allow you to you walk away with an embodied knowing of how to live your life with the meaning you want it to have.

About Gratzer Bibi:

Bibi is a Systemic Constellation Practitioner, trained in Authentic Relating, Circling and Archetypal Psychology. She loves creating and facilitating events, workshops and online journeys that bring out people’s full potential, self-awareness and radical compassion with themselves and the world. With a background in science, she is a bridge-builder between science, spirituality and the body. She works as writer, facilitator and coach.


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