Indra Adnan
(British, Indonesian, Dutch)

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The Politics of Waking Up

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The Politics of Waking Up

We have been in a revolution of connectivity since the birth of the internet for over 20 years. People everywhere are waking up to the structures and cultures that have kept them enslaved to a socio-economic-political system that is both unjust and destructive of our planet.

But our democracy is unfit for purpose. Only 2% of the eligible electorate are members of political parties across Europe, unwilling to invest time or money in what they have to offer.
There is nowhere for citizens to regularly participate and deliberate on their collective future, free of the toxic history of division and in ways that give them agency. Instead pockets of disadvantaged people are using their awakening and mobilisation to lead society kicking and screaming from the front.

At the heart of the problem is our collective ignorance about the human being as a bio-psycho-social-spiritual entity that develops mulitple levels of agency throughout their lives. Such is our diversity that we cannot hear each other needs or see each others’ value. We need a new sociopolitical system that is fit for purpose.

After four years of reporting the innovations of the 98% from The Alternative UK platform, Indra Adnan will describe what she sees arising – not only in the UK and Europe but in other parts of the planet – that show fractal resonance. New patterns of relationship and behaviour that show we are moving into an age of self-organising, cosmolocal communities that could well change our destiny.

About Indra Adnan

Indra Adnan is Co-initiator of The Alternative UK political platform which publishes The Daily Alternative, convenes new system actors and builds cosmolocal community agency networks (CANs). Indra is concurrently a psychosocial therapist, journalist and author. She has consulted to the World Economic Forum, Indian and Danish governments and NATO on soft power and emerging systems. Together with Matthew Kalman, Indra hosted the London Integral Circle for over ten years from the early 00s.


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