John Bunzl
(United Kingdom)

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A Citizens’ Integral Global Treaty

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A Citizens’ Integral Global Treaty

In our globalized era, our future collective evolution depends on humanity achieving some form of global cooperative governance; that is, a kind of “citizen-driven global treaty” that solves the key global problems of our times. At first glance, this sounds like a Green objective but it will be demonstrated to be Integral. Moreover, since insufficient numbers of people are likely to reach an Integral level of consciousness quickly enough to prevent global collapse, such a treaty must be capable of appealing also to pre-Integral levels of development. We demonstrate that the Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign possesses all the necessary requirements for such a treaty, that it is capable of appealing to all levels of development, has the potential to reconcile Right and Left political polarities, and is capable of including both democratic and non-democratic countries. Thanks to its citizen-supporters, Simpol already enjoys the support of over 100 UK Members of Parliament from all political parties, as well as a growing number in other national and EU parliaments. It thus provides a viable pathway to achieving the necessary global cooperative governance in the shortest possible time.

About John Bunzl:

John M. Bunzl is a political activist with a compelling vision for citizen-driven global cooperation. He founded the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (Simpol) in 2002. Simpol enjoys the growing support of citizens, thought leaders and politicians around the world.


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